Fire Extinguisher & Suppression Systems:
Fire Extinguishers:
First 5-10 minutes is crucial for any small fire to grow and engulf your whole property. Extinguishing fire at first stage with available means is essential to save your life & property. Availability of Fire extinguishers at your workplace is your handy resources to suppress fire at an early stage. Click to safe provide multi-brand fire extinguishers at reasonable prices.

Fire Suppression Systems:
Early detection, communication, and suppression of fire at an early stage are keys to limit fire losses. Fire suppression systems are designed to suppress fire before getting spread. In combination Fire Detectors, Early warning alarms, flashing lights and timed release of the extinguishing agent will be your life-saving pieces of equipment at your property. Click to safe provide essential equipment for a new installation, inspection for existing systems, all done by our highly qualified local technicians.